Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hanging With The Mayor

 This weekend I was very busy. On Saturday Mommy wouldn't wake up (sigh) so Daddy took me to visit J'Mam-maw and Aunt Hacie. I played and jumped on their beds and worked their computers for them. Then Daddy took me home to get Mommy and we went ice skating.

With the MAYOR, y'all.

Mayor Tomlinson, me and Mommy


I had stupid skates.

I skated with Mommy cause she's done this before. Daddy took a few pictures and fell down and ran over people.


Then we caught up with Mayor Tomlinson again so Daddy could see Mommy and I really knew her (he was falling down when we were skating with her and missed it). I decided I was too shy so Mommy picked me up, but I wasn't playing along.

The mayor said, "Turn around and we'll get one with Abby." So Mommy turned around and...

...not so much. 

My skates fell off (see that pic up there?) and then fell off twice after Mommy and Daddy put them on again so Mommy got me some REAL skates and they worked too well. I couldn't skate around like I had been. Luckily, Mommy got me a walker.

Then, to prove he was there (actually because he can't skate backwards to take pictures) Daddy gave the camera to Mommy and he helped me with the skates. My feet moved and moved but I didn't get anywhere. It was really frustrating.

So I started crying, and for the next ten minutes all I did was cry "I can't skate! I can't skate!"

And skating was over and I was hungry so Mommy and Daddy said "Let's go to McDonald's."

That was the best thing I'd heard all day. <3

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