Friday, June 1, 2012

Jumping Into Summer!

Later this month I turn three. It sort of feels like it's been forever since I turned two, and at the same time I can't believe my birthday is almost here. This summer I have awesome silver sandals (thanks, Mommy!), cool outside toys (thanks, Daddy!) and I am about the size of a four year old. When I go places other kids and mommys ask me questions.  I don't answer when they ask my name or how old I am or where I go to school and when I don't answer Mommy jumps in to tell them I'm only two and I don't go to school yet. That's when they look at me again and look confused because I'm the same size as their kids or the same size they are (if they're a kid).

This summer, Mommy knitted me a tank top (it's a little big, but I wear it anyway) which is SO COOL, and when it's hot I let her put my hair in pony tails. I like to play outside. I like to kick my soccer ball. I like to jump in my pool and I really, really like to squirt Mommy with the hose while she's running away and yelling, "IN THE POOL! IN THE POOL!" hahahahahahaha

The other day Mommy let me put water in the pool. I put water on our house, all over our yard, on the neighbor's house and yeah, in the pool. She turned off the water and said "I think we've all had enough." She's a party pooper.

I really like my Daddy. Every time I can't see him I start crying and saying "Daddy all gone!" Sometimes he's at work. Sometimes he's taking a nap. Sometimes he's just going potty. Yesterday when he came home from work I hugged him and said, "I miss you SO MUCH!"

This summer I'm going to get bigger. I hope to make new friends. I hope I learn a lot more things. Right now Mommy is teaching me to paint (we refurbished a table and painted a flowerpot) and this week we're doing paper mache. Turns out I hate touching the goopy stuff, so I hold the masking tape for mommy and she does all the wet newspaper stuff. bleh. Flies also seem to think it's food so Mommy is always waving her goopy hands around to shoo them away and gets paper mache goo all over the place.  Did I tell you she's funny?

I'll post a picture of our sculpture when we're done. For now, here's a picture of our "new" table.

And one of me, just because. :)

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