Friday, February 3, 2012

My Daddy

My daddy has been here for me almost my whole life. Literally. He knew I was in Mommy's belly before she did. After Mommy found out too and I grew Daddy would read to me, sing me songs, and play music for me. He was my best friend.

He also worked hard with Mommy to get me here safely, and took good care of Mommy so she could take care of me and he went to the nursery with me when they pulled me out of Mommy's belly.

Now that I'm bigger he reads to me, has taught me letters and numbers and colors. He bought balloons and taught me propulsion and thrust. He works very hard to make sure I have everything I need and things I don't even know I want yet. He always makes sure I'm okay and helps to fix things for me if I'm not okay. He is the best daddy I ever had! (Ha!)

I hope that when I grow up I can find a sweetheart like my Daddy because then I'll know I'll have a good life.

Just like Mommy.

I love you, Daddy!

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