Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Mommy

Mommy and I have been together practically my whole life. Mommy took good care of me before I was born and kept me safe and healthy. She worried about me every day because, she says, we were very high risk. She was very careful because we could have been in real trouble, and were, every minute. The day I was born Mommy made sure I was safe and healthy before she asked how she was doing. (The doctor cut open her belly to pull me out.) She's always been a good mommy.

Mommy spends time with me everyday. We play games and talk and build with blocks and tickle each other. Sometimes we just snuggle and she kisses my head and tells me she loves me. When I make messes sometimes she gets upset, but she always lets me know she loves me. When I make a mess or do something else by accident she tells me it's ok, she'll fix it and I'm beautiful and smart and I'll get it right next time.

Because of Mommy (and Daddy) I know all my letters and the sounds they make, I know a lot of animals, I know my numbers and can count to thirteen before I get confused (you start over with two, right?) and I'm working on colors. My favorite color to say is BLUE! It's a fun word!

I'm also talking and using big sentences. Mommy laughed when she couldn't understand what I was asking her and I asked her "Why you da mommy?"

Mommy tells me I'm funny and keeps me laughing. Mommy is very funny too. Mommy and I always love each other and I know that no matter what I do or say Mommy will be there for me and will love me and maybe even help me clean up the mess.

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