Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lord of the Rings

I like sparkly. And shiny. And pretty. What combines all those things? Jewelry! I am prancing around the house  wearing my sparkly foofy ballerina costume and a sparkly, shiny, pretty tiara.

I'm trying to get Daddy to buy me jewelry but he isn't taking my hints. When we go to the store I stand by the jewelry and say "PITTY!" and "OOOOH" and "MINE? PEEEZ?"  Or, if he ties me to a cart (I HATE CARTS!) I will point and yell those things. And Daddy? Who says he loves me? Who says I'm his baby's angel and will do anything for me? Pfft.

He agrees with me and pushes onward.

He agrees with me! HOW. RUDE.

If I wanted him to agree with me I'd tell him to. And Mommy? ARGH.

Mommy doesn't ask Daddy for stuff...so how am I supposed to learn how to get through to him?

Times are getting desperate.

I may have to learn to write.

1 comment:

  1. They don't usually prosecute darling little girls for shoplifting. Make sure you have pockets next time you're going to the store. Make sure your parents aren't watching, so they have plausible deniability of your larcenous behavior. Don't let your mom read this.