Monday, June 27, 2011

Birthdays and Brussels Sprouts

Last Wednesday I turned two. It was a great day cause Daddy had the whole day off and he and mommy drove around town like crazy people and Daddy and I got to go shopping just the two of us while Mommy was at the eye doctor. (more)

I like to hang out with Daddy. I miss him while he's working and sometimes it feels like he's always working. But when he's here it feels like a party. I love him very much.

This past week Daddy and I also planted some radishes. We planted some lettuce and...something. Peas? and something else out back, but they didn't grow. It's too hot here and the ground is too weird. (sand/clay/dirt) It's so hot that we really have to water things twice a day to keep the ground from getting hard like cement.

Mommy gardens with a hammer. People look at her funny, but the ground is so hard she kind of has to swing and claw her way into it. She uses the claw end to break up the dirt and pull out weeds, and the side of the hammer to push dirt back around flower roots and over seeds (gently, of course). She said the head of the hammer is for spiders. (Daddy said they're as big as his hand. ((0.o)) Somehow I don't see Mommy pounding one with a hammer. Screaming and throwing the hammer at it, sure.) Anyway, people laugh when Mommy heads outside with her hammer, but she knows what she's doing.

Mommy and I planted tomatoes a few months ago. 3/4 of the seeds sprouted but they only grew to about 3 inches. Then stopped. They were still alive, but didn't get any bigger. Mommy sighed and moved them outside thinking maybe sunshine and socializing with the other plants would perk them up. They died. She threw them out and found an organic farm nearby that brings their produce into Columbus on Saturdays. Daddy said that's just as good.

Daddy said the radishes are our last try. He said we've read and worked on them, paid attention to our plants and they've all died. With the radishes he said he's just gonna throw them in the ground and see what happens.

Sometimes things work out better that way. A watched pot never boils and all that.

And, let's see. I'm on the Potty Train. Mommy gets ridiculously happy when I say I have to pee and when I go in my potty chair we have a parade into the bathroom where she dumps it into the big potty and then I get to flush. (I LIKE TO FLUSH!) Then we both wave and say, "Bye, Pee!"

Last night I pooped in my potty. Daddy said I'm awesome.

Mommy thinks he's too easily impressed. :)

And, I'm two! I'm bigger, I'm stronger, I'm faster, I'm smarter, and I'm twice as old as I was last year. (That doesn't seem fair.)

Thank you to those of you who sent birthday wishes, and to Aunt TJ who loves me all the way across the Atlantic Ocean! <3

PS.  Read Mommy's birthday story here.

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  1. From Aunt TJ:

    "I love you Abby!! Thank you for sharing a peek in your cute little mind. Hooray for potty training! I didn't sound too excited now did I?....

    Lots of pink sprinkles and colorful butterflies for you!! Xoxoxoxoxo "