Friday, November 12, 2010

Um, okay?

Today I learned: 

  • Apparently blueberry coffee was a bad idea. (Who thought that one out?) Daddy dumped it and Mommy kind of choked. I don't know where Grandpa got it from, but Grandma gave it to Daddy. (WTG, Grandma.)
  • If I stare at Aunt Lacie after I wake up and point and her and yell, everyone laughs hysterically for 15 minutes. (???!!!???)
  • Aunt Lacie learned that if she takes off her glasses before she picks me up so I don't steal them I will poke her in the eyes. One at a time. Until she puts me down. *poke*
  • Daddy learned he cannot keep me awake to conform to his schedule. I fell asleep and Mommy and Daddy laid down with me for a nap. We all slept for 8 hours.
  • I learned Mommy is a fast reader. She likes Harlan Coben and read one of his books today. A whole book. I can do that too, but my books are a lot smaller. And mostly pictures. Mommy's books don't have pictures. Daddy's might. hahahahaha
  • I learned I'm a Gemini. Whatever that means. Mommy said it explains my split personality. Whatever that is.
  • And, I learned that Mommy and Daddy love me no matter what. I like that.

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