Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Think She's In Trouble

So, the other day they discovered that if they showed me pictures I can either name the object or make the sound it makes. Mommy showed me "cow" I said, "Mooo". Daddy showed me "car" I said, "Car." Mommy showed me "cat" I said, "Meow."

Yesterday I had a little plastic cup (they won't let me smash the "real" glasses) with an ice cube (my favoritest thing EVER) and a little water. I drank the water all gone and then got mad cause it was gone. Aunt Lacie said, "Is it all gone? Oh no! CRAP!" I threw the cup on the floor and said, "CRAP!"

Mommy said she's going to wait 'til Aunt Lacie is asleep and then she'll draw on her face with Sharpies.

What's a Sharpie?

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