Wednesday, August 13, 2014

First Day of School!!!

I haven't written in a while, mostly because I figured, "Hey, I'm a kid." But now that I'm all growed up I think I will probably write more often. Mom says when you love to do something you should do it often so you get really good at it.

This is why there is always a camera in my face.

So anyway, I'm all growed up now because I'm FIVE.

I had a birthday party and presents and cake and presents and cake and did I mention presents? :)

Mom and Dad teach me stuff at home and for a long time I didn't know if I'd get to go to school here. They wanted to wait until we move back to Pennsylvania. But Mom said that she can still teach me at home after school (wait, what?) and I'll learn social skills and how to be in a class, how to follow other people's rules, how to respect authority (I don't know what that means, but it sounds like...probably I won't), how to take turns and she said when I play I'll be mimicking my teacher which is a plus. So they said I could go to school and I got all excited and said "tomorrow???" And they laughed (not funny) and said, "In a few months."

Did I mention I'm five? Well, I was four when this started and I have almost no concept of time. "A few months" is apparently longer to Mom than it is to me because by the sixth or seventh time I asked, "Tomorrow?" She sighed and said, "No, in about 8 more weeks."

(Repeat above scene replacing "months" with "weeks.")

Finally, Mom said, "Look." And we went to my calendar and she circled the day it was then and then flipped to August and circled the day school was supposed to start. She said "Every night before bed you can cross of the day and then you'll know how much longer until school."

And I did.


Until I totally lost interest with 10 days to go.  (I mentioned I'm five, yes?)

But before I knew it Mom said "You have five more sleeps until school!" And then I squealed and got all excited again and could keep track of how many more sleeps in my head...because I'm five.

Sunday morning she hugged me and said, "One more sleep until school!" and I squealed and ran around the house like a crazy person and told Daddy, "One more sleep!" and I told Aunt Lacie, "One more sleep!" and I told Grandma, "One more sleep!" and everyone was all "Yeah, we more sleep!"

Grown ups. Sheesh.

Mom woke me up Monday and I jumped out of bed, because, SCHOOL!!! I ate breakfast and got dressed and remembered my lunch and drink and backpack and pencil box and bags of supplies. Teachers must like the first day of school because everyone has to bring so much stuff it looks like Christmas. Only with Kleenex, paper towels and glue sticks. :|


Crazy eyes!

Civilized human being

Dad took the morning off of work so he could come to school with me and Mom. It was so cool! Mom showed us to my classroom (Mom's awesome. She knows everything.) and introduced us to my new teacher. Then I saw a tag on the table with my name on it! With play dough waiting! Dad and I looked around the classroom a little while Mom filled out some papers. Beanbags, art stuff, tons of bins and cubbies. I found where my backpack hangs up when I get there. When Mom was done she showed me the potty. It has a sign on with with a little stick figure girl. She opened the door for me and...there was a tiny potty in there! It looked weird! Mom said it's cute.

I was so happy to be at school...and Mom took pictures, because, MOM. I wanted to sit in my place and play with my play dough so Mom asked if I was ready for her and Dad to skedaddle. I said "Yes." I got hugs and kisses and waved goodbye.

My seat at my new school!

While I was eating lunch with my new friends (I have to remember to remember their names) I saw Dad in the hallway. I waved and kept on eating.

After school it was raining. My teacher took us outside to wait for all the moms and dads and we stood under a roofy thing to stay dry. All the kids waiting to be picked up by their parents were under there. Eventually Mom hopped out of a car and I could go home. I was a little sad.  Mom opened the back door for me and I threw my backpack in and said, "But, Mom! I didn't learn ANYTHING!!!"

She giggled and said "It's the first day, baby. Give it time."

I told her my teacher wanted to keep my pencil box. Mom said it's ok. That needs to stay at school so I have it when I need it. I thought it was rude, but maybe everyone is looking out for me.

This week I'm learning what to do while I'm at school. There's a lot to remember. I had homework yesterday, but it was quick. Mom helped me a little. I had to write my name on it, and it asked questions and I had to write the answer and I had to draw a picture of me, and a picture of my family. It only took a couple of minutes.

By the time Dad came home from work yesterday (Day Two) I could remember my lunch number (five digits) too. I was so excited to tell him. He was so surprised. I just hope I remember at school now. We're supposed to remember by Friday when they're going to ask everyone. I can do it. When I'm not nervous.

This week will be all right. Next week Dad said we'll get down to business.

Hey. I'm only five.

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